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12-Day Toxic Cleanse

How to kick-start your weight loss and increase your health and energy without starving.
You can do it in 12 days!
No shakes or bars – it’s all natural.
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Welcome to the 12-Day Toxic Cleanse

Do you want to eat healthy, move and be empowered?
Join 1000’s of people who’ve lost weight, improved their skin, lowered their blood sugar and reduced symptoms of disease.

You get:
An Easy Preparation Packet
Daily Modules
Daily Workbooks
Daily Meditation Videos
Coaching Support
Confidence and clarity about healthy eating and lifestyle
You’ll get daily communication, modules, videos and workbooks.
Starting a new health regimen and changing your lifestyle can sometimes make you feel lost and alone.  Believe me, I understand.  That’s why we’ve built community and health coach support into this package.

Which is why with the 12-Day Toxic Cleanse Program you will also get:
Access to a group of people just like you.
Shopping lists and tips, menus, and recipes.
Opportunities to grow and expand on what you achieve.
Excited to feel happy and healthy?
Start here, with the 12-Day Toxic Cleanse.
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What is the 12-Day Toxic Cleanse?
Do I have to be a certified health coach to use this program?
How can I use this product?
What will I receive?
What is your guarantee policy?
“…everyone has such positive results and feedback”

“It brings me great joy to work with clients on the 12-Day All Natural Toxic Cleanse program because everyone has such positive results and feedback.  To be honest, I was never a big fan of detoxes, until I worked with this program. Since the program is all natural and based on eating balanced, whole foods, it is very easily incorporated into a daily routine.  I believe that alone increases the success rate of clients who participate, as well as helping them build their confidence and encouraging the creation of more sustainable, routine healthy habits.”

12-Day Toxic Cleanse Module
Preparation Module
12 daily modules
Daily materials
13 videos

Detox Nutrition
Look good and feel good too!
Cleanse body, mind and soul
All natural – no powders or shakes
Shopping List and Tips
Warm and cold foods
Optional no animal products and slow elimination of animal products
Nightshade explanation
Wheatgrass how-to’s
Lemon Water
Loaded with bonus information

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Value – $
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Christian and Spanish versions available


 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Refund Policy: If you purchase this program and don’t absolutely love it, let us know and we will cheerfully refund your payment in full.

To receive the refund:
E-mail us at [email protected] attaching your receipt.
State your reason for seeking a refund.
Include a note confirming that you have not downloaded or printed out any of the program materials, and that you will not use the program or try to gain access to it in the future.
You must request your refund and provide the above information within 48 hours of purchase.
All Terms & Conditions and all of our copyright, trademark, and intellectual property rights remain indefinitely, even after a refund has been provided.

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